Sail Analysis

Sail Pictures


On board pictures are critical to sail analysis.  Taking pictures from the center of the foot gives us the ability to catalogue, document and compare sail shapes.

How to take Pictures Click here

Sail Comparison


Documenting and comparing sail and trim settings to creat a baseline that performance data can be documented to find the fastest sail shape setting possible.

Base Rig Setting


Developing a tuning guide that is specific to your boat and sail combination.  Every boat is different.  Documenting changes will provide the fastest way to replicate setting for the conditions.



Mast bend deflection analysis is used to compare setup and help optimize tuning guide specific to the boat.

Jib Foot Profile


Documenting sheet tension, Jib car leads, halyard tension, wind strength, and wave state will help finding the optimum setting for best up wind VMG.

Jib Leech Profile


Leech profile analysis helps with matching rig settings and sail profile to best maximize Jib performance.

How to take Sail Plan pictures for digitizing