Hydra sailing can provide a cost effective way to Improve performance for you and your team.

Virtual Coaching



We use video to look at sail trim, crew work, helming, weight management, transition management, and many other areas to build a base line and compare to what the top teams are doing.



We teach how to set up the rig properly for the sails and rig combination you are using.  Purely using the tuning guide will not achieve the fastest setting.  We want to teach you how to fish, not give you a fish.

Data Analysis


We remove gut feelings and replace them with facts.  Using GPS data we can build a foundation to work with that shows best mode setup.

Digitized Sail Plan


Here is where we teach what to look for in your rig tune and sail selection.  

Sail Plan Comparison


With a change in rig tune, sheet tension, vang, outhaul, backstay, halyard, we can show the effects of the sail and compare the differences.  We can also compare different sails.



It is important to be able to replicate setting.  Marking the boat and lines is a necessity and will significantly help.  We provide tools that experts use to help you get up to speed quickly.


J70 Davis Island Event 1 2017 GPS Virtual Coaching analysis Race 1